Through my studies at IIN I have met so many amazing people. One of the people I met is a consultant for a company called Beautycounter. With everything I am learning in IIN, I have realized  I was only focusing on what I put into my body.

I wasn’t taking the time to think about what I was putting onto my skin. Our skin is our biggest organ, anything that we put on it is going directly into our bodies.

After talking to my friend, she really opened my eyes to what we expose our skin to. She told me to go online and check out Beautycounter’s mission and website. After reading through the website and information, immediately, I was on board. I wanted to get all these crazy facts out to everyone that I knew and loved. So fast forward to today.

I am now here to say, I too am a Beautycounter consultant and customer. I love their products and sharing their mission. I will be doing specific product reviews throughout my blog so you can become more familiar with the mission and the products of Beautycounter. Below is Beautycounter’s mission and some eye-opening statistics.

Beautycounter’s Mission: To get safer products into the hands of everyone.

  • – The US banned only 11 ingredients., Europe banned more than 1,300
  • – The US has not passed a law regulating the personal are industry since 1938.
  • – Beauty Counter banned more than 1500 ingredients.
  • – Never compromise safety for beauty.
  • – Only about 10% of the 10,000 chemicals commonly found in personal care products have safety data
  • – Never compromise safety for beauty.